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    Independence Elementary School is one of nine schools built in the Rosedale Union School District. It opened in the fall of 1997 and since has been dedicated in serving the needs of its current 619 student population. Independence serves students from all levels of the economic community. The primary language of the students is English. We currently have 8% non-English speaking students on campus. We have tested students under the CELDT program.  Independence currently serves approximately 40 Special Education students ranging from Pre-K through 6th grade.
    The school is made up of four permanent buildings (totaling 14 classrooms, administrative offices, a computer lab, library and Multipurpose Room), six permanent portables, and13 modular portables.  All classrooms, the office, and the library are connected to the internet and have access to a district server. Each classroom has a minimum of three computers and are networked to a central laser printer.
    Current instructional minutes for Kindergarten are 205 minutes a day, first through third grades is 290 minutes a day and fourth through sixth grades is 340 minutes a day. A total of eleven minimum days are scheduled during the school year and instructional minutes are met on those days as well.
    The library, staffed by a library clerk, is accessible to all students once a week during regularly scheduled classroom visits, as well as before school and during recess. Library computers provide access to the Internet, an online library catalog, software programs, a printer, and educational software programs.
    The Independence Elementary School Mission is to provide ALL students with a positive and challenging learning environment, which empowers them to become responsible and productive citizens. Working as a partnership, the students, parents, staff and community commit themselves to develop the social, emotional, academic and physical well being of all children. By developing critical thinking skills communicated through literacy, fine arts, mathematics and the sciences, the school is responsive to changes in the family, community, and the world. Independence Elementary School students will demonstrate: (1) positive self-esteem, self-discipline and self-expression; (2) effective communication and social skills; (3) critical/creative thinking, problems solving, decision-making and risk-taking; (4) individual excellence and a desire for life-long learning.
    Independence Elementary School is a K-6 school located at 2345 Old Farm Road in the Rosedale Union School District. Class size reduction has been implemented in grades 1-3 capping the enrollment at 24 or fewer students per class. Class size in grades 4-6 are capped at 30 students per class. Special Education classes include students from Pre-K through 6th grade. Students will be participating in Accelerated Reader program this year and look forward to tremendous gains for students in reading achievement. Parent and community involvement is a large part of our success and is greatly appreciated.  
    *Adapted from the 2013-2014 SARC