• Physical Education Syllabus

    Distance Learning Class Requirements



    • Students are required to wear appropriate clothing for active participation in physical education activities and exercises. 
    • Athletic shoes are recommended.




    60% - Participation, attitude and responsibility (Screens must be turned on)


    40% - Asynchronous (Independent based work - Honor System)

    Letter grades: A - 90% or higher

                            B - 80% to 89%

                            C - 70% to 79%

                            D - 60% to 69%

                            F - 59% or lower


    • Participation: 5 points possible, per day during ‘Live Synchronous Sessions’ (Zoom).



    (Daily live interaction is required for every student with both a certificated employee and their student peers. The purpose of daily live interaction, which occurs with teachers and students, is to provide instruction, monitor progress, and maintain school/social connectedness. Students’ video screens must be turned on for these reasons.)



    • Asynchronous Assignments (Independent Work) are scored randomly based on their rigor and level of difficulty. 




    • Students may make up ‘excused absences’ and/or class days missed with ‘medical excuses’ at the discretion of the teacher. (ie. Push-ups, Sit-ups, Flipgrid, etc.)






    • Personal confidence, leadership, and teamwork will be stressed.
    • Students need to be respectful of other students during ‘live class sessions’ and any ‘independent work’ through google classroom, flipgrid, and any other platforms used in class..
    • Students who disrupt class activities in any way will be dealt with according to the school discipline code.
    • Virtual class learning will be monitored for the safety of students and teachers (recorded zoom mtg.)




    If you have any questions please email me at:  sfrank@ruesd.net

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    Mr. Frank

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    This handout has been prepared to help you answer questions and understand procedures of Rosedale Middle School Physical Education program. 




    RMS combines recreational activities, competitive sports, and fitness in a fun educational environment.  We focus on helping students learn in a non-threatening and positive atmosphere.  Teamwork and cooperation will be emphasized to encourage students to increase their overall level of participation.


    Our physical education program will provide many chances for students to become active physically, socially, and mentally.  Activities they participate in will improve their strength, endurance, people skills, and overall their general health.




    Activities are broken down into three different categories.  These activities include traditional sports, fitness activities, and recreational games.


    Some Traditional Sports & Recreational Sports May Include:


    • Volleyball/Ringo              Flag-football
    • Mush-ball                        Soccer
    • Softball                           Ping-Pong
    • Slaughter ball                  Barrel ball
    • Scooter Hockey               Gator Skin Games
    • Jump Rope                      Track & Field
    • Basketball                       Jump Rope  
    • Capture the Flag              Pickle Ball
    • Line Dancing                    Volley baseball
    • Track & Field                   Ultimate Frisbee


    Most activities will involve students in play, an overview of the history and rules, tournament play, learning skills and completing a written test.



    • Fitness:  (2 to 3x a week)


    This school year we will have a fitness day held once a week (minimum).  Every Wednesday or announced days your child will run a pacer, the mile, earn a grade, or participate in fitness related activities.  It is very important your student comes to class wearing the proper P.E. attire (comfortable clothing and tennis shoes).


     Below is a list of each test:


    • Pacers:  (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run)


    The pacer is a multistage fitness activity that tests your endurance by running as long as possible back and forth across a 20-meter space (at a specified pace which gets faster each minute).


    • Mile


    The student will run four laps around the course trying to complete the laps in the fastest possible time.


    • Fitness Activities:
      1. Obstacles
      2. Earn a Grade
      3. Jump rope
      4. Speed ladder, hurdles
      5. Circuit training
      6. Dot Drills


    • The Prudential Fitness Gram:


    Twice a year we also test for the Prudential Fitness Gram- which consists of 7 tests in reference to cardiovascular, endurance, flexibility, strength, and body composition. Tests may include the mile run, curl-ups, push-ups, sit and reach, trunk lift, shoulder stretch and height and weight measurements.




    Grading is a reflection of what a student has accomplished towards the objectives of the P.E. program.  Our grading policy attempts to emphasize attitude, responsibility, cooperation, and a positive self-image by making grades attainable for students who choose to achieve.


    The grades students earn are determined in three areas: 

    • Participation, Attitude, & Responsibility (5 daily achievement points) - 50% of overall grade
    • Fitness - 35% of overall grade
    • Written tests - 15% of overall grade 


    Participation - 50% of the student’s grade is based on:


    1. Being on time to class.
    2. Wearing proper shoes to class.
    3. Attempting all the activities presented to the class, including warm-ups, lap, drills, and tournament games.
    4. Demonstrating good sportsmanship, respectfulness, and encouraging others.
    5. Listening to the teacher.
    6. Following class guidelines for proper behavior.



    Students receive five points a day for participation, but may lose points for:

    ·         Being tardy

    ·         Poor attitude or behavior (ex: disrespectful, not following rules)

    ·         Non-participation- walking their lap, exercises

    ·         Improper shoes

    ·         Classroom absences or medical excuses that have not been made up.


    Students can not make up points for being unprepared, being tardy, or behavior. 


    Extra Credit can also be earned for students who wish to raise their grade.  Students may volunteer to be an exercise leader, equipment monitor, or field crew.


    Fitness35% of the student’s grade is based upon:

    1. Fitness testing
    2. Pacers
    3. Mile
    4. Fitness activities


    Written Tests – 15% of the student’s grade is based on:

    1. Written tests include:  history, terminology, rules, information and strategy of the sport.  A written study guide will be given to students prior to each test.
    2. Journal work and life skill assignments.
    3. Nutrition
    4. Notes




    RMS does not have locker facilities. Therefore, students are not required to wear P.E. uniforms.  However, students are required to wear appropriate clothing for active participation in the class.


    Students are required to wear tennis shoesNo street shoes or dress shoes are allowed (ex: sandals, boots, platform tennis shoes, heels, uggs, slippers, etc. This will help ensure their safety.)




    A student can be excused from participation in class due to illness or injury.   A parent note with the starting date or dates and the reason for the excuse may temporarily excuse their student no more than three days. 

    Any excuse from P.E. longer than three days will require a note from a doctor stating the release date.  Students with an excuse from a doctor (5 consecutive days in a row or more) may be given an alternate written assignment (ex. 'Current Events' with details given and specified by the teacher) to earn back participation points in the event there is not enough time left in the qtr to make-up points via 'physical activity'. These written assignments will be used in place of their daily points missed.  Students can always opt out of the written work and choose to run laps instead at a later date if they wish (this is preferred).


    MAKE-UP WORK: Cont'd***


    Students can make up EXCUSED absences or medical excuses by written work or by jogging (***AT THE DISCRETION OF THE TEACHER***).  If the student misses class, they can:

    1.    Write/type a one page summary on a health/fitness/or PE related article (if absent 5 consecutive days or more) which is assigned at the discretion of the teacher only.  Three articles will make up 1 week of participation points missed of class. 

           2.   Students can also run one lap for each day they miss as well (preferred)

    3. 'Fitness Days' missed can only be made up by completing 'fitness makeups' which take place after school on Wednesdays or before school and during lunch breaks if scheduled by the student in advance.  Written work will only be offered as a way to make-up missed 'fitness' at the discretion of the teacher.


    All written quizzes, laps, and fitness assignments must be made up.  This includes band, choir, all field trips, appointments, and being sick.  It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements to make up the work on their own time.  The student generally has one week to make up the work.  (Example:  If the student misses participation points by being absent on a Monday, they would have that current week and through the end of the following week to make up the work missed.  If they miss on a Friday, they have until the next Friday to make it up. However, students can complete 'Make-ups' for missed 'Fitness Days' until the end of the qtr after school on Wednesdays, before school or at lunch if scheduled with the teacher ahead of time).





     BOYS:                                     POINTS:                    GIRLS:

                        7:15 - 7:45              20                          8:15 – 8:30


                        7:46 – 8:00             19                          8:31 – 8:45


                        8:01 – 8:15             18                          8:46 – 9:00


                        8:16 – 8:45             17                          9:01 – 9:30


                        8:46 – 9:00             16                          9:31 – 10:00


                        9:01 – 10:00           15                          10:01 – 11:00


                        10:01 – 10:30         14                          11:01 – 11:15


                        10:31 -  11:00         13                          11:16 – 11:30


                        11:01 – 11:30          12                          11:31 – 11:45


                        11:31 – 12:00          11                          11:46 – 12:30


                        12:01 or More          10                          12:31 or More



    Special provisions may be made for students with special needs.

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