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  • Color Run

    Independence Patriot Color Run



    The Independence Color Run will take place on campus.  The course will begin in the school’s Multi-purpose Room and will wind around campus, through the field, and end in the quad area.  Participants, or “Color Runners”, will encounter several “Color Zones” throughout the course where colored powder will be tossed their way.   Information on the colored powder product may be found at http://hippiepowder.com/f-a-q/


    The colored powder being used during this event is a non-toxic colored cornstarch that will likely washout of clothing. There is a possibility that the color may not wash off so easily if the clothing becomes wet.  We recommend that students with blond or fair hair wear a hat or other head covering to prevent possible hair discoloration.


    The Color Zone will consist of staff and parent volunteers who will toss non-toxic colored cornstarch at each participant as they run through the Zone.  Volunteers will do their best to toss the cornstarch at the torso, but environmental and other variables may cause the cornstarch to get on the face or in hair.  We encourage all participants to bring eyewear, such as goggles or sunglasses, to wear during the race.  Eyewear will NOT be provided the day of the event.  The Color Zone can be bypassed completely if a participant does not wish to run through it. White T-Shirts for the Independence Color Run are available for presale via the order form on the back of this flyer. We also recommend you bring a towel for the car/bus ride home.


    With only three rules, the idea is easy to follow:

    1. Turn in your permission slip and participation donation by Monday, September 12th.
    2. Wear your white T-shirt at the starting line on Friday, September 30th.
    3. Complete the color course covered in color!


    A minimum $10 donation is requested for all Color Run Participants, including parent and sibling participants.  This is going to be a fun day and we encourage all members of your family to participate.


    Please sign and return the permission form no later than Monday, September 12th as obtaining an accurate participation count for the ordering of supplies is necessary.




    • Secure long hair. Coconut oil or a good leave in conditioner applied to hair the day of the run should do the trick.
    • A bandana or a scarf is helpful to secure long hair or cover your mouth as you run through the color zones.
    • Wear sunscreen and/or lip balm.
    • Don’t forget your sunglasses or swim goggles for eye protection!
    • Don’t forget to purchase your Color Run white T-shirt for the event or wear an old T-shirt that you will not mind getting “colored.”




    • Congratulations on a job well done. Take a few minutes to dust off and please use your towel to dust off and sit on during the bus/care ride home.
    • Time to wash up. Dust the powder off first and then wash as you normally would. It is not uncommon for hints of some color (pink and purple) to stick around for a few washes in your hair.
    • Remove excess powder from clothes before adding water for wash. Your white T-shirt may not be solid white after the run.
    • Wash your color run gear separately with COLD water.
    • Finally, you can make your color stain by following pre-washing instructions that will be provided with each pre-ordered color run T-shirt. Order your shirt now, as they will NOT be available for purchase the day of the run!
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