• Starting Fall 2020, RUSD will be a 1:1 district PreK-8. Please continue to check back for updates.


    20-21 Chromebook insurance can now be purchased for students who have district Chromebooks.  For more information, please click here.


    Chromebook Info for 2020-2021 School Year


    Current 3rd-8th Grade Students

    All current students in grades 3-8 will checkout Chromebooks from their home school and will return the device when the student leaves the district or graduates 8th grade. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain the Chromebook and come prepare for class with the device fully charged.

    Current Kindergarten-2nd Grade Students

    All current Kindergarten, First and Second-grade students that received a loaner Chromebook during distance and hybrid learning can hold onto the device and continue using it.  When students return to traditional in-person instruction these students will return their Chromebook to the classroom they report to.


    1:1 Chromebook Program

    • Rosedale Union School District will provide each student in grades 3-8 a Chromebook for school and home use.  Students will hold on to the device year-round and will only turn the device in if they are exiting from RUSD or the entire grade is receiving new devices.


      Chromebook Program Key Points

      • Students will be assigned a Chromebook device at the beginning of the 2020 school year.
      • Devices will be kept for 1-5 years or until the student graduates. It is the intention to have students retain their original Chromebook each year while enrolled in Rosedale Union School District*
      • Families will be able to purchase optional insurance each year to help defray the cost in the event of accidental breakage
      • Please understand that our teachers and students will learn and grow in the use of the Chromebooks in the classroom/virtual classroom as the year progresses

      *Students do not have a separate right to a device.  It is the District’s intention to issue the same device barring abuse, breakage, theft, etc.



                                             District Acceptable Use Policy

      Please review the District Acceptable Use Policies for information on appropriate technology use and Student Responsibility of District Technologies.