• Backing Up Your RUSD Google Account

    • Once an RUSD staff member or student leaves the district their associated Google account is deactivated and no longer accessible.  Once a district Google account has been deactivated, users will no longer have access to any content contained in their Google Drive or associated Google products.  

      Items that will no longer be accessible include but are not limited to: 

      • Items created using Google products (docs, sheets, slides, etc...)
      • Items uploaded/saved to your GB Google Drive
      • @ruesdGmail accounts

       If there are important items in a district account that a staff member or student would like to keep, they must back them up prior to leaving RUSD. 

    How to Back Up a Items on Google Drive

    • If you have data on your district Google Drive that you would like to keep, there are a few different ways to save the information. 

      If you only have a few documents you want to keep

      1. Access your school Google Drive
      2. Find the item you want to save
      3. Share it with a personal Gmail account
      4. Make your personal Gmail account the owner of the document
      5. Repeat these steps for any other document you want to save 

      If you want to save most of or everything in your Google Drive

      1. Access your school Google Drive
      2. Use Google Takeout to save your entire Google Drive or whatever files/folders you want to keep 

      For more information on using Google Takeout and saving information from Google Drive, please review Google's Download your Data instructions.

    • Google takeout