• Welcome to 7th Grade World History! I am looking forward to having your son or daughter in my classroom this year. It is my wish to make history come alive for all my students. I simply love history and I hope my students will learn to value and enjoy it as well.

              As we begin the 2020-2021 school year, it is like no other school year. The 7th grade history teachers are working very closely together, so all students in 7th grade will be receiving the same instruction and assignments.  Students should be able to complete all assignments with support from the teachers. What we are asking of you as parents, is to help keep your student on the daily schedule made by the district. If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at pbird@ruesd.net or call me at school (661) 588-6044.  I also have a Google Voice account where you can text me at (661) 412-2486. I am looking forward to a great year.


    Mrs. Bird~Team USC 

     Grading Policy for Distance Learning:
    1.   Class work and Homework– 70%
    2. Assessments – 30%
     Tips for Distance Learning:
     It is strongly recommended that students check out a  Chromeboomk from Freedom Middle School. All of our assignments will be completed online. Also, when campus reopens, students will use the same Chromebook.  Students will need to be online daily and follow the schedule of classes that was provided. It would be best if students had a set place to do their school work.  Preferably a quiet place with a desk or table top with space to work.
    What happens if I am absent?
    Attendance is still being taken during distance learning. If your student cannot attend the virtual class time, please contact the teacher so that arrangements can be made for your student to complete their assignments.
    How can I find out what is assigned for homework?
    Classwork and homework are posted weekly on FMS's website, so even if a student is absent they can check the website. All assignments will posted and turned in via Google Classroom.
    How can I check my student's class progress?
    Parents may also monitor their student's progress in this class by checking the online grades through Illuminate.  The online grades are updated every week. Students are able to login into Illuminate to check their progress.