Welcome to Del Rio's library web site!

  • Welcome to our library. Our goal is to support the school curriculum by sharing amazing books and forstering a lifelong love of reading.

    All Del Rio students visit the library with their class once a week. A class visit usually includes a read-aloud story, a lesson on particular genre, theme, library skill, or anything that encourages the lifelong habit of reading and enhances the love for good books.

    During the class visit, students have enough time to return and check out books of their choice. The library computers may be used to browse the library catalog, work on a class project, take an AR quiz, or for any other educational purpose.

    Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming place to all students. 

    You can explore our library catalog using the link https://ruesd.follettdestiny.com

    If your student prefers eBooks, follow the steps:

    1. Select your school : Del Rio Elementary

    2. Select: Destiny Discover

    3. All books with a blue triangle and infinity symbol at the top left corner can be checked out unlimited times


    Happy Reading!

     Mrs. Vagliarska