Welcome to our school library web site!

  • Mrs. Schaefer
    The Patriot library is a great place to learn, explore, and have fun! Open daily during school hours.

    Classes visit the library weekly during their scheduled time, but kids are encouraged to stop by before school or during recess to browse the shelves. When a class visits the library, they are exposed to a wide variety of books during a read aloud time. After students have listened to a great book, they are encouraged to go to the book shelves for a wonderful book to read. If a student visits the library before school or during recess time, they are allowed to play educational games, read a book with friends, work on homework or research projects, or check out a new book to read in their classroom.

    The Patriot library encourages kids to read and become lifelong readers. I welcome students to the library to explore the wonderful world of reading. I am dedicated to promoting reading among the students and teachers. 

    Mrs. Schaefer