Welcome to the Rosedale Union School District!

  • Sue Lemon District Superintendent

    Dear Members of the Rosedale Community:

    There are a great many thoughts that come to mind as you prepare to succeed someone with the stature and impact of Dr. John Mendiburu. As Superintendent for 11 years, he was much more than the leader of a school district. He was a role model for all organizations in the way in which energy, vision and purpose are used to change conventional thinking and pave the way for higher achievement.

    I think the word that best describes how I feel right now is humility. It is an incredible honor to be leading an organization filled with such talented and dedicated professionals across all schools, departments and offices. Our entire team takes a great deal of pride in their dedication to our students. We are committed to working hard and creatively to improve the quality of our curriculum and instruction, the safety and health of students and staff, and the enthusiasm and confidence around collaboration and engagement.  

    As a California Gold Ribbon, California Distinguished School and National Blue Ribbon recipient school district with a long tradition of excellence in education, the Rosedale Union School District values a system of continuous improvement that permeates every aspect of its work in order to become a center of educational excellence. Our work is guided by research and the belief that every student is capable of attaining high levels of educational achievement in preparation for meeting the rigorous demands of the twenty-first century. We truly believe in our motto, Where Learning is Lasting.  As your new Superintendent I will be guided by our district mission statement and to do what is best for each and every student. 

    The mission of the Rosedale Union School District is to educate all students so they may become career and college ready. Toward this end, the school community is committed to providing a child-centered learning environment with high expectations for student achievement and parent involvement through common goals.

    A comprehensive 21st century core curriculum with high standards is emphasized and the diversity of learners is valued, so that each student will reach their full potential. Students will be provided with appropriate and meaningful instruction that develops self-worth and self-discipline through analytical and creative thinking as well as the mastery of curricular and technical skills. 

    Our school district has the chance to pave the way forward for our profession. I feel very good about our chances to do that, and I look forward with much anticipation and excitement to working with every one of you as the 7th Superintendent of the Rosedale Union School District.

    I thank you for your support and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

    Sincerely yours,

    Sue Lemon
    District Superintendent