• Mrs. Snow

    8th Grade Math


    FMS 588-6044

    Welcome to 8th grade math! This course will focus on our new Common Core State Standards.  We will cover the following unit topics: Rational and Irrational Numbers, Equations, Scatter Plots and Statistics, Linear Functions, Systems of Equations, and Geometry.


    • Student Agenda/Planner
    • 1-2 inch binder or math folder
    • 4 Spiral bound college ruled and/or graph paper (one per quarter)


    • 2 or more pencils w/ erasers
    • Red correcting pen
    • White board marker


    Assignments & Grading:

    Homework & Notes

    • Homework is assigned daily.  It is posted on our school website weekly. https://www.ruesd.net/freedommiddle
    • All homework must be done in pencil and include the original problem.  WORK MUST BE SHOWN FOR CREDIT. Homework is worth 3 points per day: 2 points for completeness and 1 point for on time. Complete homework turned in late but before the unit test will receive 1-2 points.  No late homework will be accepted after the unit test is taken.
    • Class notes (kept in spiral notebook) must be complete for full credit.  Notes are given in class.  If absent, students are required to make up notes.  They may be copied from another student in class.


    • Questions generally come directly from the homework and are a tool used to prepare for tests. 
    • Students who do not meet proficiency on the homework quiz will be required to complete a review assignment to be eligible to earn points back on the quiz. 


    • Unit tests are comprehensive and check for proficiency.  Students are encouraged to study their class notes and unit homework. 


    • If a student misses an assignment/quiz/test, credit will not be given until the assignment is turned in or made up. Please use the on-line assignment postings, refer to the student agenda, and phone classmates to stay up with class.  Quizzes and tests may be taken during the teacher’s available lunch time.


    Letter grades will be earned as follows:                              Grades will be based on the following:

    A – 90% or higher                                                                              Tests                                       40%

    B – 80% to 89%                                                                                  Performance Tasks                20%

    C – 70 % to 79 %                                                                                Quizzes                                  20%

    D – 60% to 69%                                                                                  Homework/Classwork/                                                     

    F – 59% or lower                                                                                 Participation                          20%