• Welcome to 7th & 8th grade Physical Education and 8th Grade Girls Strong Body

                   *Physical Education Google classroom-Class code: nagoalg

                    *Strong Body Google Classroom -Class code: 6lvvrd6

     Our Physical Education units will include (as time permits), but are not limited to:

    Badminton,  Basketball,  Cornhole,  Dodgeball,  Flag Football,  Line Dancing,  Soccer,  Table Tennis,  Track and Field, Volleyball, volley-baseball,  and numerous other fun activities and games. 

    Our Strong Body classes will include the following: 

    Anatomy,  Physiology,  Strength Training,  Power lifting​,  Cross fit,  Body building​,  Cardiovascular endurance,  Yoga, Core training,  flexibility​,  nutrition and overall physical fitness.

    * Strong Body is not a regular physical education class it is an elective class.

    Make ups and Grading

    Make ups

    Make up days are at the teachers discretion and are subject to change depending gym scheduling.

    Makes ups will be every Thursday in the gym at the beginning of lunch. 

    Examples of make ups will include fitness activities, laps, strength training, and/or written work depending on the duration of the days missed. Students are responsible for all missed days except for all state mandated pull outs such as speech.

    Grading                                                              Grading Scale

    Grading Catagories:                                        A - 90% and above

    50%- Participation                                             B - 80%- 89%

    30%- Fitness                                                          C - 70%- 79%

    10%- Tests                                                             D - 60%- 69%

                                                                                         F - 59% and below