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    Wednesday August 14
    1. Welcome Back
    Thursday August 15
    1. On a blank piece of paper, write the rule you picked out of the tray, your first and last name, date and period
    2. On the other side of the paper, draw a picture of the safety rule you picked. (Make sure you draw this big enough for the class to see.  Use the whole page.) This is in color
    Friday August 16
    1. Lab Safety Rules for the poster   
    Monday August 19
    1. Start the spiral notebook
    2. First page is your NAME and PERIOD
    3. Go to the next page (not the back) for your table of contents (single space, don't skip lines)
         Page 1 Lab Safety Poster (Glue in today)
         Page 2 Lab Safety Rules (Glue in today)
    4. Hold up the lab safety posters in class and guess what rule was drawn. (Glue this on page 1)
    Please use the glue sparingly, don't apply it all over the page.  You can made an x with a few dots.
    **Please remember to close the glue bottle after you use it.**
    Tuesday August 20
    1. Continue to glue page 3 and 4 into your spiral
         Page 3 Lab Safety worksheet
         Page 4 Science classroom safety guidelines
    2. Take the pretest on Phase change in illuminate
    Wednesday August 21
    1. Go over lab safety on page 3 in your spiral 
    Thursday August 22
    1.  Fire drill today
    2. Go over where to go for a fire drill in every class (have a safe place to meet at home if there is a home fire)
    3. Review earthquake drill and safety (shoes by your bed at home, and a flashlight)
    4. Different scenerios to stay safe
    Friday August 23
    1.  Lab Safety Test in illuminate
    Monday August 26
    1. Page 5 Intro and Warm up (Glue in today)
    2. We watched the first part of the google slides.  
    3. Please don't take the workbooks with you.  We will be using these in class each day.
    Tuesday August 27
    2. Page 7: Key Concepts (From the slide show)
    • A solid holds its shape and does not take the shape of its container
    • A gas has no visible shape and fills its container 
    • A liquid flows and can take the shape of its container
    Back to School is tonight (6:15 - 7:45)
    Wednesday August 28
    1. Page 8 Titan Fact Sheet (This paper contains 4 copies)
    Read and underline the important facts 
    Thursday August 29
    1.   Page 9 Air Pressure and Boyle's Law Make sure you answer questions 1 and 2
    2.   Page 10 Homework: Find 5 things at your house that can go through a phase change.
    Example:  If you take a hot shower, steam rises (liquid to a gas)
                    If you have a pool, the water evaporates and you have to add water to it (liquid to a gas)
                    If you burn a candle the wax melts (solid to a liquid)
    Find 5 examples of your own, not the ones I have listed.
    Friday August 30
    1.  Page 11 Warm up questions (Please write the two questions down and answer them on page 11 in your spiral notebook
    • Write a question you have about Titan or about methane that could help you determine what happened to the lake.
    • Liquid methane and liquid water are different, but they do have some things in common.  What are some things that all liquids have in common?
    Monday September 2
    1.  No School Labor Day
    Tuesday September 3
    1.  Lab Phase change in a cup 
    Answer the questions: 
       What did you observe happening in the cups?
       Did a phase change or phase changes occur?  Is so which one or ones?
     This is your prediction of what molecules look like (before we do the simulation)
    Wednesday September 4
    1.  Exploring the phase change simulator Click here for the simulator
    2.  Page 15 answer the 2 questions:
    • What can you do or change in the simulation?
    • What do you think you can learn from the simulation? 
    Thursday September 5
    1.  Page 16 Draw this table, read the directions, fill in the table (page 15 in Amplify workbook) Draw what the molecules look like in the simulation.
    2.  Page 17 (Page 17 in workbook) What would you add or change to your model after using the simulator (Look back at page 14 that was your prediction.  After you did the simulation and you know what the molecules look like now, what would you change on page 14?)
    3.  Page 18 (Page 18 in workbook) Write the unit question and 4 vocabulary words Click here
    4.  Page 19 (Page 19 in workbook) Warm up- Read the paragraph and answer the question: Do you think the puddle was formed from rain? Why or why not?  Click here
    Friday September 6
    1. Read all 5 articles on Weird Water Facts (These are online and in the back of the workbook) 
    2. Page 20 When reading the articles write 10 bullet point facts total about the articles (approximately 2 facts per article) Click here
    then discuss what your read about the article.  Share the bullet points you wrote.  If you would like to add to your bullet points at this point you can.
    3. Add the definition of refute: to prove something wrong or to disprove 
    Monday September 9
    1.  Click here for link Read this article
    2.  Page 20 (you will have two) in your spiral write a summary explaining what the article is about (5  sentences minimum)
    Tuesday September 10
    3. Page 22 Click here Copy "Unit question" "Chapter 1 Question" "Key Concepts" "Vocabulary"
    Wednesday September 11
    1. Page 23 Warm up Read the directions and then answer the question "Describe what you think the phrase greater freedom of movement means."
    3. Page 24 Reading About Molecular Movement After reading the article, explain the difference in the Freedom of Movement
    Thursday September 12
    2. Page 26 Reasoning About Freedom of Movement claim 2 Using the example from page 25, prove or disprove the clasim based on the exidence
    3. Page 27 Continued Using the example from page 25, prove or disprove the clasim based on the exidence
    4. Page 28  After you have finished pages 25-27, explain your choice in a summary using the evidence you have gathered.  The first paragraph will include the claim that is correct and the second paragraph explains the claims that are wrong
    Friday September 13
    1. Spiral Notebooks pages 1-20 are due today!
    Page 29 Click here
    On page 29, draw a picture of a popsicle from the freezer and what the molecules look like.  The second picture is the melted popsicle and what those molecules look like
    Monday September 16
    1. Click here for page 30 Copy "unit question" "Chapter 1 Question" "Key Concept" "Vocabulary"
    Tuesday September 17
     1. We will work on the dance later this week
    2. Page 33 (Use to workbook page 33)
    3. Page 34
    Wednesday September 18
    1.  Make sure you have 5 descriptions on page 5 for each phase
    2. Make sure you have written a summary on page 20 for the article on Methane from Monday Sep 9th
    3. Make sure your pages 21 to 28 are complete
    4. I am uploading grades today, I need to grade your spiral if I haven't seen it yet.  Today is the last day to turn in make up work