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    Tuesday September 10

    Time and date calendar click here (Change the place and times)


    3. When all of the above is done, please log on to Google classroom (click on join class +)
    Here are the class codes: 

    Google classroom code

    Per 1 gvpye3

    Per 2 be89lv

    Per 4 e5d3em

    Per 5 uh57g8

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    Quarter 2

    Monday October 14
    1. Page 1 IN Quarter 2 (This was done in class Thursday/Friday)
    2. Page 2 IN  (This was done in class on Friday)
    3. Page 3 IN (Follow the directions, write the question and answer it on page 3 of your IN- PG 41 WB)
    Click here to see the articles (The articles are also in the back of the workbook)
    Here is a copy of all the pages (Continue with these pages when you finish.
    Tuesday October 15
     Here is a copy of all the pages (Use this to follow Direction for part 1)
     Wednesday October 16
    Here is a copy of all the pages (click here to complete the packet, last page is PAGE 5 in your spiral)
    Finish filling in the last column, discuss with your neighbor and turn your papers in to the tray.
    Thursday October 17
    Click here for link (page 45 WB)
    Friday October 18
    **Today is a Wednesday schedule due to the rally**
    1. Go to illuminate and click on assessments
    The assessment you are taking is "Recreating Weird Water Events" This is your boxed paper 
    You can use the paper, but you can't discuss or share answers.
    2.  If you finish, turn to page 47 in your workbook.  You will do this warmup on page 5 in your spiral notebook
    3.  If you finish this, work on something quietly at your desk.
    Monday October 21
    1. Page 5 IN  The is the warm up in your workbook page 47 wb
    2. Page 6 IN  Experimenting with magnetic marbles page 48 wb
    3. Page 7 IN  Using the Sim to Observe Energy Transfer page 49 wb 
    Phase Change Simulator Click Here  (Log into clever and amplify first)
    Tuesday October 22
     1. Page 8 IN  Explaining Zooming in on Phase Change page 50 wb (answer the last 2 questions in your IN)
    **Write the question and answer**
    2. Go to illuminate and log on to assessments (you will answer the questions that go with workbook pages 47-50)
    Wednesday October 23
    1. Modeling an everyday phase change Click here for link (log on to clever and amplify first) Page 51 wb you will submit your answer online, this won't be in your notebook
    3. Part 2 is on page 52 of the workbook.  Use the link above for part 2 (you will submit your answers online for this also, this won't be in your notebook
    4. Page 9 IN  Part 3 is on page 52 of your workbook (write the question and answer)
    Thursday October 24
    1. Read the article "What Melts? What Burns? This is in the back of the workbook
    2. Page 10 IN After reading the article, answer these questions on page 10 in your spiral (WB 53)
    **Please write the questions and the answers**
    3. If you missed any of the questions in illuminate you can do corrections
    Write your answers on a google doc.  Put your first and last name at the top of the page. Please include your period number. Write the question you missed. (The number and the actual question).  Write out the answer that should have been picked. (Don't just give me a letter, give me the answer)  After you write the question and answer, write your explanation so that I know that you understand it.  When it is finished, share it with me (kshaughnessy@ruesd.net) 
     Friday October 25

    I changed your table of contents.  If you wrote in pen, just put page 9 after page 10 and show arrows that they swapped.

    Page 9 on table of contents Part 3 (WB52)

    Page 10 on table of contents “What Melts? What Burns?” (WB 53 Article in back) 

    1. Please read over the questions and vocabulary on page 54 in the workbook.  As long as you are not talking, I won't have you write this page down.  (I will only have you write this down and turn it in if you are talking.  The sub will decide this)
     (WB 55) Remember to log on to clever and amplify first  Click here for the link
    2. Please turn to page 55 in the workbook.  Click here for page 55 Use the link above to access the modeling tool.  Follow the directions on the page.  You will complete this online and turn it in using the link.
    3. There is a question that you need to answer on the bottom of page 55.  Instead of checking the box, you will write down your answer on page 11 in your IN
    4. When you complete page 55, please turn to page 56 Click here for page 56.  This is part 2 Click here for the second link
    When you are done with the above, go to brainpop
    Click here for Brainpop Make sure you go to clever and brainpop first in another tab
    You might have to enter "States of Matter" into the search bar
    You can watch or rewind as many times as you need to answer all the questions correctly.
    There is a quiz on the other side of the worksheet.  Make sure you have both sides
    Turn this paper in to the sub at the end of the day (even if it is not done).  Make sure your name and period are on the paper.
     Monday October 28
    2. Finish your BrainPop questions from Friday.  Be ready to enter both sides in illuminate tomorrow.
    Tuesday October 29
    1. Enter your answers in illuminate today from the BrainPop worksheet.  One side is the quiz and the other side is the worksheet.  Please make sure you are doing the right page in illuminate!
    3.  Extra credit opportunity:  Make 5 multiple choice questions (with the answers) from the information on page 52.  You can make 5 more from page 53.  These must be questions that are written well enought that they could be used for a quiz in illuminate.  You can earn one point per question.  There are a total of 10 extra credit points possible.
    Wednesday October 30
    1.  Today you will use pages 51-56 in your workbook to answer the questions in illuminate.  This is open notebook, but you can't ask or help your neighbors.  This is where you can answer what you did on each page of your notebook.  
    Please log onto Illuminiate and go to assessments.  The questions are located there.
    Thursday October 31
    1.  Happy Halloween!  Be safe!
    2. If you have any missing assignments you must make those up first
    3. If all assignments are turned in, we will play BINGO in class
     Friday November 1
    1.  Page 57 WB Activity 
    Today we will discuss the Evidence Cards on Page 12.  Please see the orange link from Tuesday.
    2. After you have discussed the evidence answer the last two questions on page 57 WB on page 12
         1. Based on the evidence, the strongest claim is:
             a. The lake on Titan evaporated
             b. The lake on Tital froze
         2. I think the most convincing or strongest piece of evidence comes from
             a. Card A
             b. Card B
             c. Card C
             d. Card D
    You will write your Scientific Argument on a Google Doc.  Make sure you are using all of the words in your word bank on page 59 of the workbook
    Monday November 4 
    1. Finish the worksheet from Friday 
    2. Write your scientific argument (Due Friday)
    1. State your claim (+1)(Did the lake freeze or evaporate)
    2. Discuss the evidence on your cards B, C, D (+3). Explain how the evidence connects to your claim to prove your argument (+6).
    3. What happened at the macro scale (+2) (what you could see) You can find this in your IN page 16 

      Gas- Fills the container and has no visible shape

      Liquid- Flows, stays at the bottom, takes the shape of its container

      Solid – Rigid and keeps its shape

    4. What happened at the molecular scale (+4)(the molecules that you can’t see)
    5. Use the sentence starters on page 57
    6. a. I think card _____  supports the claim______because
    7. b. I think card _____ refutes the claim______ because
    8. c. The evidence connects to the claim by supporting or refuting........
    9. d. Based on the evidence, the stongest claim is ____________
    10. and the word bank on page 59 (+8)
    11. 1. freedom of movement
    12. 2.  evaporation 
    13. 3. molecule     
    14. 4. freezing   
    15. 5. phase change     
    16. 6. temperature     
    17. 7. kinetic energy
    18. 8. energy
    19. Total 24 points

    Tuesday November 5

    1. Please take the student survey on Amplify
    2. Our See's Candy fundraiser starts now and goes until December the 4th
    **Make checks payable to Rosedale Union School District**
    The Candy is the same price as the store
    It will benefit the science department!
    3. Hand out the workbooks for Pilot #2
    4. Do page 1 Read "Explore it"  Answer your questions in the book.  
    & page 2 (read)
    We discussed in class:

    Light year- The distance light can travel in one year

    Light can travel 186,000 miles per second or 300,000 km per sec

    (You can go around Earth 7 ½ times in one second traveling the speed of light)

    You could travel 9.5 trillion kilometers in one year

    How big is a trillion (we used this in class to see how big a trillion is)

    Wednesday November 6

     We read pages 3 & 4 today.  See me to see what we underlined.  Answer the questions in the white boxes on page 3 & 4

    Thursday November 7

    1. Read pages 5 - 7 in the workbook

    2. Go over what needs to be on your paper for tomorrow

    3.  Corrections need to be done by next Friday on all illuminate questions

    Friday November 8
    1. Today was the Freedom celebration so we had an assembly schedule with shorter class periods.
    2. Your Scientific arguement is due today.  
    3. Please work with a partner to profreed each others papers.
    4. Make sure you have underlined the word bank words and numbered where each section is located
    When you give me your paper I will grade it.  You will have one chance to fix your paper and make corrections for your final grade.
    Monday November 11
    Veteran's Day (No school)
    Thank you to all that served
    Tuesday November 12
    1. Continue turning in scientic arguements
    Grades are uploaded tomorrow
    Wednesday November 13
    1. Corrections on the scientific argument paper
    Thursday November 14
    1. Make any corrections to your scientific argument paper.  Please make sure your name is at the top!
    2. Make corrections on any illuminate assignments 
    Click here to see the questions and example (page 5-8 /quarter 2 in your spiral)
    BrainPop questions are in the period trays
    If you are finished with the above, please click on clever, choose BrainPop and leave that tab open, then come back here and click the link below for BrainPop 
    Matter changing states Second BrainPop
    Fill in the worksheet (front and back while watching Brainpop- you can watch it/rewind as many times as you need)
    Please turn your papers back (at the end of the period)  to the sub whether you are finished or not.
    Friday November 15
    1. Same as yesterday
     Monday November 18
    2. Page 17 Vocabulary (save room, we will do this later)
    Tuesday November 19
    1. Enter "BrainPop Matter Changing States" into Illuminate
    2. Enter "BrainPop Matter Changing States QUIZ" into illuminate
    3. Page 17 IN write the vocabulary words from page 16 on page 17, then add the definitions (You will find these in the textbook/workbook starting on page 59.
    4. Please finish your scientific argument and make corrections
    Wednesday November 20
    1.  Continue finishing your work from yesterday or work on corrections
    Thursday November 21
    Condors game incentive
    Friday November 22
    1. Minimum day (out at noon)
    Enjoy Thanksgiving break!! School resumes December 2nd
     Monday December 2
    1. Turn to your workbook (pages 59-67)
    2. Outline the workbook pages on page 19 in your spiral.
                  1. Red titles are numbered
                         a. green title are lettered (start over a, b, c under each new number)
    3. Draw 1 picture from any of the pages 59-67
    4. Write 3 sentences on what you drew.
    5. Do corrections on your scientific argument
    6. Do corrections on any work that you did not do well on
    Tuesday December 3
    1. Sign into illuminate, go to assessments and look for lesson 1 pages 59-61
    2. Open your workbook and answer the questions from your reading of pages 59-61 (use the workbook to find the answers....don't guess)
    3. Please make sure you have read the material up to page 67 and answer the questions on the sides and bottom of all the workbook pages
    4. When you finish, work on your scientific argument corrections, other class corrections, do work from other classes or work on something quietly.
    Wednesday December 4
    1.  We are grading your vocabulary on page 17 of your IN tomorrow
    2. We are grading your outline, picture and 3 sentences explaining your picture tomorrow
    3. If you didn't finish entering your answers in illuminate from yesterday, please do that today
    Thursday December 5
    1. Grade vocabulary and outline
    2. Go over the scientific argument