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    Monday January 7
    Can you explain question:

    How does the way in which the solar system formed explain the orbits, sizes, and compositions of the planets?

    3. Vocabulary:
    1. Star - a massive ball of gas in outer space that gives off heat, light and other forms of radiation
    2. Sun - any star around which planets revolve
    3. Solar system- a system of objects that revolve around a star

    Today is the first day of Quarter 3.  I will upload my grades for Quarter 2 by Wednesday.  If you have anything to turn in for Quarter 2, tomorrow is the final day to take late assignments or any extra credit!  Please see if you have anything missing or if you are on the border and extra credit would help to raise your grade.  You are in control of the grade you get based on the effort that you put in!


    Tuesday January 8
    1. Continue from yesterday
    1. System- a group of related objects that work together to form a function
    2. Orbit- the circular path of an object as it revolves around another object
    3. Theory- a set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena
    4. Nebular theory- About 4.6 billion years ago, an unknown event caused the gas and dust to start to collapse under its own gravity and the giant gas cloud began to contract.
    5. Accretion – “growth” the coming together and cohesion of matter under the influence of gravitation to form larger bodies.
    Wednesday January 9
    1. Continue from yesterday  
    2. Finish the interactive notes (Due Friday)
    3. Finish reading the Techbook chapter 7.4
    Thursday January 10
    1. Bill Nye Planets
    Friday January 11
    1. Interactive Notes are due today
    2. Enter your answers into illuminate
    3. Start the Focus sheet on Galaxies 7.5 when you finish Click here for the worksheet
    Monday January 14
    Tuesday January 15
    1. Go over Interactive Notes from last week after everyone has placed all their answers in Illuminate 
    2. Collect vocabulary from last week
    3. Continue working on the interactive notes on Galaxies
    Wednesday January 16
    1. Focus sheet due today
    2. Review video in the science techbook
    3. Interactive Notes due tomorrow
    Thursday January 17
    1. Finish the video from the science techbook
    2. Link to Galaxy Match (You must sign in to Discovery Eduation before clicking on the link)
    3. Upload your answers into illuminate
    4. Start the new Focus sheet Click here (Interaction Force and Mass 4.1 - 6-8 Physical Science)
    This Sunday, January 20, there will be a lunar eclipse from 6:36 until 11:48pm
    Between 6:36 and 9:00, please look at the moon every 20-30 minutes and draw/write what you see.  (Hopefully it won't be cloudy and we can see it)

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