8th Grade American History

  • Our school is using the textbook History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism. It can be accessed here: www.teachtci.com  For grade 8, the California History-Social Science Standards cover the history of the United States through industrialism: the founding of our nation, the growth of American democracy, the Civil War that divided us, the diverse cultures that have enriched our society, and the transformation of the United States into an industrial nation.

    Access to our online textbook can be found here : https://www.teachtci.com/

    As you can see eighth grade students learn about a number of sensitive and controversial topics, including difficult constitutional issues. The History Alive! materials were designed to deal with these topics objectively, respectfully, and in accordance with state guidelines.

    Here are some tips on supporting your child’s academic progress in this class.
    •Discuss history and current events with your student, and listen to what he or she has to say.
    •Ask to see your student's notebook on a regular basis, so you can see for yourself what they are learning.
    •Provide a quiet study place, free from distraction where he/she can study

    To view our daily assignments, select the agenda and assignments page. Classroom resources provides downloadable versions of important information given in class. While the Chapter Notes tab will mirror those we took in class.
    Social Studies  
    •  I look forward to our journey together this year!