Welcome to 7th Grade Language Arts!

  • September 2020

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to 7th grade language arts! After four weeks, I want to further clarify my distance learning classroom policy and procedures. During this most unusual start of school please know I am here to assist every student in being successful. 

    While we are apart, communication will be more important than ever. I encourage you and your student(s) to email and visit me during office hours with questions and concerns. The time your student and I have in class is limited, so communication outside of class time is vital to optimize success.

    Organizational Tools

    • Google Classroom - Each week the agenda is posted with the learning objectives and the assignments. Additionally there is a success checklist to help students stay organized.
    • Google Mail - Students will receive communications from me via email. 
    • Google Calendar - Assignments made in google classroom with due dates will be posted on students’ google calendar.
    • School Website - On the school website if you select Teachers and select my name you can access the weekly agenda with assignments. (ruesd.net)
    • Home Help  - Please provide a quiet location for your student to attend Zoom sessions free from distractions. Ideally, your student would have access to paper and pencil for note taking.


    During distance learning student grades will be based on the following weighted categories.

    • 50% Writing  -Content as well as use of Vocabulary, Mechanics, and Grammar
    • 50% Reading - Comprehension Quizzes as well as Analysis Assignments

    Grades in Illuminate are updated weekly.


    Students will have homework assignments at least three times per week. 

    Absences and Late Work

    If there is a planned extended absence, please give the office at least  two weeks prior notice, so I can plan course work for your student.

    Late work will be accepted up to seven days after the original due date and the maximum grade will be a B. Students will need to notify me that late work has been completed. After seven days the grade will remain a missing assignment and receive the score of zero. 

    Test Retakes

    If a student receives a grade of a C or lower, an alternate assignment can be requested to improve the test grade to a B within 7 days of the test. 


    This year we are using Study Sync by McGraw Hill. Your students should have a hard copy of the textbook,  an online version is accessible through the student login site on Clever. 


    You can contact me at ehawkins@ruesd.net  or at the office at 588-6030. I promise to get back to you within 24 hours or less during the school week. My office hours are 1:15 to 2:00pm daily. Students have a link on their Clever page to the Office Hours Zoom session for my classroom.

    Thank you ahead of time for your support. I am looking forward to a memorable year.



    Mrs. Hawkins


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