• Mr. Fisher
    7thGrade Mathematics Class

    7thGrade Mathematics Focus:

    By the end of grade seven, students are adept at manipulating numbers and equations and understand the
    general principles at work being able to apply all knowledge to real world problems reasoning abstractly
    and quantitatively. Students understand and use factoring numerators and denominators and properties of
    exponents. Students know how to compute the surface area and volume of basic three-dimensional objects.
    They know and use different representations of fractional numbers(fractions, decimals, and percents) and
    are proficient at changing from one to another. They increase their facility with ratio and proportion,
    compute percents of increase and decrease, and compute simple interest. Students identify the constant of
    proportionality (unit rate) and decide whether two quantities are in proportional relationship in tables and
    graphs. In statistics we will use random sampling to draw inferences about a population, draw
    informal comparative inferences about two populations, and investigate chance processes and develop, use,
    and evaluate probability models.

    1. It is best to have a binder with dividers separating each class. Keep your papers separate. Do
    not cram your papers into your backpack.  
    2. All tests and quizzes will be kept in your classroom folder. You may check them out as needed.
    3. Develop skills of organization.

    1. Assignments will be posted weekly on the board. Every Monday you will be given 5
        minutes to copy the assignments into your school agenda.

    2. If you do not complete filling in your weekly agenda, you may check my website
       at www.ruesd.net/rosedalemiddle.

    3. Most assignments will be completed online so that I can keep track of their work efficiently.  They will still need                                                                                                                     to show their work on paper.  If the student does not have internet access, they may use their textbook.

    4. Homework should take no more than 30 minutes most days as long as the sudent is staying on task in class.                                                                                                                         It is due the day after it is assigned. Missing assignments will be made up in Homework Lunch.

    5. Daily warm-ups will be done the first 5 minutes of class. They will be collected and graded
        for completeness and effort.

    6. Students may retake a test after completing additional mandatory practice work.

    1. You are responsible for the work you miss when absent.
    2. You are given the same number of days as you are absent to make up missed work.
    3. If you miss a handout, check the Handout folders located in the front of the room.
    4. If you are absent due to band or choir, you are still responsible for the work as if you were
    in class. Please find a class buddy that is not in band or choir.

    1. Be respectful to others.
    2. Do your best work.
    3. Listen and follow directions
    4. All cell phones are to be kept OFF and IN YOUR BACK-PACK during class time. The use of
        a cell phone will result in an office referral and the phone taken away.
    5. I ask that you be prepared for class and ready to learn every day.

    Grading: (Per Quarter)
    Chapter Tests                                             50%
    Quizzes                                                      20%                                                                                                                                                                                                             Practice work/ Notes / Performance tasks     30%                                                                             



    Suggested Materials List:
    • A ruler with metric and conventional units
    • Number 2 pencils and erasers
    • A single-subject notebook with lined paper
    • A three ring binder
    • A red pen for correcting
    • Dry erase markers

    If you need to contact me, my email is rfisher@ruesd.net