• Mr. Fisher
    7thGrade Mathematics Class

    This year is unlike any other, so there will be a lot of flexibility and possible changes throughout the year.

    Things to know:

         * Communication is essential - if you have questions or need help, you need to ask or email me right away.  I am always willing to work with you for a solution if you ask.

         *  Practice work - whether during class or at home, the practice work needs to be completed to the best of your ability or you will fall behind.

         *  Everyone can learn - if you do your best you will improve and strengthen your mind.  My goal is to make you better problem solvers, so that you can succeed in whatever you do.



    • Pencils and Paper are essential
    • Small white board and dry erase markers are helpful

    If you need to contact me, my email is rfisher@ruesd.net