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    Second Quarter of 5th Grade!
     These are the skills that we are focusing on during the second quarter of school:roadrunner
    ELA Unit 2: Informational Text
    • Reading 5th grade level Nonfictional Text Fluently
    • Summarizing Nonfictional Text
    • Identifying and Comparing Text Structures
    • Making Inferences and Citing Evidence
    • Writing Opinion Essays
    Math Chapters 4 and 5: Multiply and Divide Decimals
    • Using Models to Multiply and Divide Decimals
    • Multiplying and Dividing with Algorithms
    •  Word Problems with Decimals
     Science Chapters 5 and 6: Earth's Weather and The Solar System
    • Identifying and Explaining Earth's atmosphere and air currents
    • Comparing and Contrasting Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Thunderstorms
    • Identifying and explaining the Layers of the Sun
    • Identifying and Describing the Planets and Objects in the Solar System
    • Explaining the Concepts of Gravity and Inertia
    History Chapter 5: Causes of the Revolutionary War
    • Identifying and Describing the Major Causes to the Revolutionary War
    • Explaining the Causes and how they Effected the 13 Colonies
    • Sequence the Causes in a  Historical Timeline
  • Please continue to check my teacher webpage for homework, calendar events, and what we are learning in class.  It's also a great place to have students do extra practice using the resources.  

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