Union School District

The Oral Language Festival is a competitive event where students recite and perform an interpretation of a piece of literature. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to creatively express their love of literature using dramatic speaking skills.  In addition, students gain confidence to perform for an audience. 
4th - 8th grade students may compete in one of six categories:
  • Serious Solo
  • Humorous Solo
  • Serious Duo - 2 students
  • Humorous Duo - 2 students
  • Verse Choir - 3 - 6 students
  • Impromptu Speech 
The top three entries in each category will move on to compete at the Regional Oral Language Festival with students from Rosedale, Fruitvale, Norris, and Rio Bravo-Greeley schools. 

From the Regional competition, the top two entries in each category (except Impromptu Speech) will move on to compete at the Kern County Oral Language Festival.