• With a population of over 625 students the morning drop-off and after-noon pick up are sure to bring traffic congestion.
    Please help ensure student safety by complying with our drop-off and pick-up policy:
    Morning Drop-off:  If you are dropping your student off please use the "Loop" just north of the school.  Staff and Visitor parking lots will be blocked off during this time for the safety of our students. 
    After-noon Pick-up:  Students will be dismissed from the north gate nearest the "Loop."  Please do not double park, or leave your vehicle unattended in the Loop. 
    Parking for Drop-off or Pick-up:  You are more than welcome to park on Old Farm Road or in the adjacent neighborhood to walk your child onto campus or to pick them up after-school.  Please use the crosswalks when crossing Old Farm Road.
    Visitor Parking:  We are currently awaiting the instillation of Solar Shade Structures in our staff parking lot.  During this time, we will be using our visitor parking lot to accommodate staff parking.  Once the Solar Structures are in place we will resume the use of the visitor parking lot for visitors.  Please park on Old Farm Road or in the adjacent neighborhood when visiting our school.  We apologize for the inconvenience and are hopeful that our staff lot will reopen in the very near future.
    Office Parking:  There are two handicapped and two 10 minute parking spaces to accommodate the needs of visitors with handicapped placards and quick office visits.