• Parents and Students,
         Welcome! I am excited to start a new year with you, here at RMS! Please read the following and feel free to contact me with any questions.
    Because we are fortunate to have blocks (25 minutes longer than a class period) for math, students will have time to complete much of their work (including homework) during class time. Homework is not a punishment, but a way to reinforce what was learned during class time. When new material is taught, guided practice (in the classroom with teacher guidance and assistance) reinforces the learning. Independent practice (homework or class work done alone) allows the student to display mastery of what they learned and retained. It is possible that homework can be completed in class based on the individual students pace, abilities, work ethic and class participation. Please check your child's agenda (the written calendar that they update in the classroom each week) or through the assignment section for the specific teacher on the RMS website. Our "Catch-up Club" lunch program can also be utilized to catch-up on missing work or motivate those students that have fallen behind or do not complete assignments on time.
    the percentages used to calculate your child's grades in this class are:
    Requested supply list
    ---1 3-ring binder (with dividers) to stay in class with completed work
    -- 10 pencils (wood preferred because those mechanical ones are always malfunctioning and the student gets distracted)
    --2 red pens (for grading)
    --4 dry erase markers (any color, any size for board work)
    --two packs of 3x5 notecards (for making flashcards to study with)
    --lined looseleaf paper (about 300 sheets for the year, hole-punched for the 3-ring binder)
    Please feel free to contact me at 588-6030 ext 133 or twhiteman@ruesd.net.
    Thank you,
    Thomas Whiteman, special education teacher
    Laura Mazuka, educational assistant