Ms. Seaney----Welcome-Syllabus

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Ms. Seaney----Welcome-Syllabus

7th Grade English Language Arts

Welcome to 7th Grade Language Arts!

  • Suggested Supplies

    1 inch binder with five tab dividers – This binder can stay in class and be used as a writing-in-progress organizer.

    3x5 note cards – We will be doing an intensive study of Greek and Latin Roots and we will be making flash cards each week to be used at home and in class.

    Writing Utensils – highlighter set of five (pink, blue, orange, green, and yellow), pencils, blue and black ink pens

    Folder - This can be used for taking assignments back and forth to school.


    This year Study Sync by Mc Graw Hill. You stuent will have a copy of the book as well as access to an online version at all times.


    In this class the grades will be based on the following weighted categories.

                25%Speaking and Listening

                25% Language

                25% Reading

                25% Writing


     Independent Reading

    1. Students are required to read independently.  This reading is in addition to any class work.  You are required to have an independent reading book with you in class at all times.

    Independent Reading Books, Binders, and Workbooks must be with you in class AT ALL TIMES.

    Homework Pass

    One homework pass for quarter one and quarter two will be provided. I know that life happens and there are times that homework cannot be the first priority. The pass can be used the following ways:

    1.      To replace a homework or class work assignment

    2.      To delay a project or test by one day

    The pass must be turned in the day the assignment is due and be signed by a parent. If the homework pass is not used at the end of the quarter it can be used to fill a missing classwork or homework assignment. If there are no missing assignments it can be used for rounding privileges.


    Make up materials are available. It is your student’s responsibility to pick up and turn in make-up work. Extra help and make-up tests are given at lunch on Tuesday or by appointment. If there is a planned extended absence, please give me at least a two weeks prior notice so I can a plan for your student.


    You can contact me at  or 588-6030. I promise to get back to you in 24 hours or less. Thank you ahead of time for your support. I am looking for to a great year.


    Ms. Sara Seaney