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Bus Schedules

To obtain information on bus schedules, please visit your school site office. They are also available on our District Web Site Click on Bus Schedules. The bus schedules that will be posted are for Regular Schedules 1st-8th grades, Kindergarten, Kindergarten-Minimum Day, Kindergarten-Fog Delay.  Please be aware that we request all bus riders be waiting at the appropriate bus stop 5 minutes before the posted time. Students cannot be transported or transferred between district boundaries.  District buses will not enter gated communities or private property.
Due to the current economic climate, RUSD has condensed our bus routes to allow for a more cost-effective yet efficient way to transport students to school. We know there will be a period of adjustment as students and families adjust to the new schedules, but throughout we will continue to strive for the utmost professionalism in our busing service.